Pd - include externals at launch from pisound button


for some reason, i can’t get zexy externals for pure data to work unless I set /usr/local/lib/pd-externals/zexy as a library to load on startup in pd.

launching pd from the pisound button seems to ignore the zexy externals folder that i set via the pd gui however.

is there a way to pass this parameter when clicking the button (in start_puredata.sh perhaps)?

I tried adding -lib zexy to the start command in the script above, but this didn’t work…

This can be resolved by making a symbolic link from /root/.pdsettings to /home/pi/.pdsettings:

sudo ln -s /home/pi/.pdsettings /root/.pdsettings

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Cool, thanks Giedrius.

I did try several times to do this, but it won’t work. The symbolic link is created correctly in /root, but when I open pD via the button the externals still won’t load, and they are not present in the list of paths to look into. Any idea of what could be wrong?