Adding my own pd patches and scripts


I just setup my raspberry pi 3 with pisound.

My problem is that I’m not a developper or a linux expert.

I tried to modify the pd launching script so it would open a mypatch.pd patch, but I can’t save the new script in the folder because I’m not logged as SU.

Also: I couldn’t add my patches in the puredatapatches folder for the same reasons.

Is there a way to modify this easily ?

Also, would it be complicated to make a button script that would open pd patches choosing them through a list/folder of patches ?

Thanks a lot !

Hi, to browse files as the root user, you may press Alt+F2 and enter:

gksudo pcfileman

The gksudo part is for running a graphical application as a root user, and pcfileman is the name of the file browser on Raspbian.

To edit a file in the terminal, I use sudo nano ... where … is the file path to the file I want to change. sudo is for running commands as root. For example:

sudo nano /etc/pisound.conf (use Ctrl+O to save, Ctrl+X to exit, it will ask Y / N to confirm, you may press Ctrl+C to cancel)

At the moment it would be better to put your patch in its own folder, and name the main entry point to it as main.pd, so the launch script works unmodified. You may also put your main.pd into a USB memory stick, clicking the button will then launch the first ‘main.pd’ found on the USB stick.

@oootini did that, to pick a patch based on the number of clicks: Adding more button clicks - #13 by oootini

Also stay tuned for our next update to the Pisound mobile app (only Android at the moment, iOS version will come later) - it will allow launching the selected patch easily.

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thanks a lot !

I guess I will work my way using midi commands sent to main.pd to load different abstractions, to use only one patch.

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Sounds good! This seems like something other members of the community may be interested in :slight_smile:

So… I named my patch main.pd and used sudo mv to move a folder with my patch in into usr/local/puredata-patches . Now the button opens my patch, but I don’t understand why it opens my patch rather than any of the other 4 main.pd patches that are in usr/local/puredata-patches ?

Hi, the button launches the first main.pd it finds in that folder. You may put your patch in a USB memory stick, and pressing the button will first search the attached USB, so by switching the USB sticks you can switch between different patches easily. Use double-click to safely remove the USB drive.