NRPN LFO related to CC LFO

Thi is a logical step from NRPNs and CC LFO, it could be part of CC LFO or it could be a separate pipe. Being able to smoothly oscillate over the much larger NRPN numbers would be really great.

Perhaps a better term would be high-resolution LFO: many/most of the common CC’s like modulation wheel exist in 14bit MSB/LSB form but much of the time only the MSB part is actually used/transmitted. The current CC LFO only emits on 7bit values, it could be extended to optionally emit 14bit values (maybe on arbitrarily set MSB/LSB CC numbers). What you actually target with the values for (CC/RPN/NRPN) is a kinda separate matter.

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Thats a good idea!
From the top of my head, Sequential/ Dave Smith uses NRPN, Linnstrument… upcoming Expressive-E Osmose is to support 14bit…

My knowledge of NRPN comes largely from Dave Smith, I’ve got a DSI Tetra that uses NRPN for the filter cutoff, and I’ve made a pure data synth, when I sweep the filter using CC I can hear the steps.

The Elektron boxes also use NRPN for finer-grained control of parameters. The Digitone is a good example

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As a user of both Dave Smith (evolver, mopho keys) and Elektron stuff, I would definitely like to see a high resolution LFO. I just recently got a midihub and started setting up patches for the Digitone when I realized there was no NRPN LFO support…

My vote goes here because the main reason I bought the MidiHub was the LFO! Did not realise it could not send NRPNs!!! I own a Prophet 600 with the GliGli firmware and it uses NRPN (i.e. Coarse cc23 and Fine cc87 for cutoff) for half of it’s parameters. If LFO only can send the coarse CC it will step like crazy! This is a big satback for me…

14 bit LFO output could be possible, we’ll note this down in our todo. :slight_smile: