More CC and Pitch Wheel manipulation

Just got my Midihub, based on some things I’m trying to figure out how to do, I’d like to see the following:

-ability to invert CC control of a parameter
-ability to filter CC values for a given ID
-ability for LFO to send pitchwheel messages
-Some logic functions and boolean operators

Currently, I’m trying to create a patch that will take the CC values from a MIDI expression pedal & only send either 0 or 127 to the CCID of my choice.

I’ve got it to work where it only sends 0 & 127 but it switches at around 64 instead of at each end where I’d like it to.

Hey, we plan to improve the mapping and parameter system significantly, so a lot of this will be possible to do. :slight_smile:

In particular, do you mean the Pitch Bend messages?

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Yeah by pitch wheel I mean pitch bend.

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BTW any eta on the next update?

Not yet. :slight_smile: It’s in the queue.