Midihub was worth the wait

Although I waited longer than I wanted for receipt, it was worth it. I’m using midihub to distribute signals from a novation impulse to an evolver, tetra, arp, pro 1 and MPC. It allows me to do key splits or unison of all voices. it also routes back to the computer thru usb for library editors. And having 8 patches on a button for different routing setups is something any business using software for setups should consider. I wish my focusrite 18i20 had an option like that. It 's indispensable in my set up. Thanks Blokas! Keep up the good work!


I managed to grab one second hand from a supporter who never opened the box - I was already considering it more than worth the price new! Just now starting to have some bigger patch ideas, but it’s already opened up my small amount of gear in exciting ways. Hats off to the team