Midihub ordering (post-pre-order shipment)

I’m really enjoying reading about the various projects current Midihub owners are exploring and enjoying. Truly, I am…but maybe I’m being a bit overly literal here, but here’s the internal convo I’m having with the Midihub site:
“Want to Order Midihub?” YES!
“Midihub campaign is now over. Direct orders will be open once all of the pre-orders are shipped.” Enjoy. I am super patient.
“You can leave us your email and we will notify you!” I think I accidentally left my email more than once or twice, but everyone knows robust midi routing causes extreme enthusiasm so…

What’s up with the last two orders that have yet to be sent out??? ! When the countdown first reached 99% (only two more to go) I was psyched. But it’s seriously been like three or four weeks and the big board is still stuck at 99%. It’s kind of commendable in a way, if you have a literal unbreakable rule that you will not start selling Midihub again until all 826 pre-order are dispatched. On the other hand, in the grand scheme of things 824 out of 826 is basically 100% if you round up. Anyway this is my roundabout way of asking that annoying question no one likes to hear on forums: did you run out of stamps to send the last two boxes? I’m happy to chip in…

I shouldn’t even be complaining. I had my two Pisounds (rp4) working some serious send/return FX magic today on two separate mixer channels which turned into an hour of generative amazingness (until I accidentally mis-mapped each pi to the channel up fader and somehow caused a feedback loop that even my jaded cat seemed to notice.

Keep up the good work Blokas crew! m+


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Ohh, this sounds like it will soon be possible to purchase a unit! (for us who missed the initial order)…

Can’t wait!

How much is this unit?

Check your inbox! :slight_smile: The orders will open tomorrow, 12:00 GMT. :wink:

Midihub will cost 164€.


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I almost feel bad posting this, but I ordered my Midihub on June 24 2020 (around noon Chicago time) and received/connected my Midihub yesterday June 29 2020 (around noon).
Obviously I sprung for the UPS shipping option (+30 euro) almost as a joke since UPS claimed a two day international delivery time line. According to UPS details, parcel shipped out from Vilnius on the 26th and arrived in Chicago on the 29th. That is insane.

By way of comparison, I ordered the new Pisound recently and it shipped from Vilnius on April 11th and arrived in Chicago on May 15th. (I also received a package of records yesterday that was sent from Italy in April).

I guess the lesson here is: if you’re going to order anything from Blokas - or anything shipping internationally - use UPS Express Saver.

thanks blokas. and UPS. and all the ancient gods.


The things with international post shipping will get better though, of course it still won’t beat the speed of UPS. :slight_smile:

Got mine just now! I‘m in Hamburg. Thx!


As long as the entire aviation industry passenger fleet is still grounded, don’t keep any high expectations on shipping using postal services…

The commercial transportation companies, UPS, FEDEX, DHL etc. have their own global fleets and therefore are not really affected by this, hence why things work really well shipping with them.


Just ordered a unit, UPS shipping, as the postal services all over the world are still not so reliable…

Can’t wait!!!


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And today it arrived!!

Just connected it and was prompted to download and update the firmware, did so, and everything went smooth!

Can’t wait for the weekend…

First project is to do a proof of concept for sending CC to it, and then trigger a chain of bank and program changes with this…

In the end, I will get one of these as a “master” unit for these tasks:


… but for now I will use my Novation Zero SL MKII to control the midihub etc.