[Beta Program] Midihub Review by jpmcmullan23

Midihub has become my go to midi utility when moving outside the world of the computer. It is rock solid and just works. The device has not only provided solutions to common problems, such as midi clock distrustribution and start and stop messages among different devices, but it also has creative uses that I have stumbles upon. Like many others have commented, Midihub has made its way into my setups, for the most part, without me knowing it and it just works.

I have found myself using Midihub when I am away from the computer and using everlasting different synths and often devices with their own sequencers. For example, a setup using Digitakt, Digitone, Medusa and a Mother 32. I was able to combine clock and sequencer start and stop. Additionally, by playing around with the different pipes with transpose and filter messages, I was able to create new combinations I would not have thought of.

I find the device very easy to setup with the editor. I am able to bring a laptop over and sync the device with no problems. The grapghical nature of the editor is way easier than other products out ther such as devices from iConnectivity. I don’t know if there would be a way to implement iPad or iPhone editor so you could just plug that in and edit it from there kind of like what TE has done with the OP-Z.

I would definitely buy it. I think price point would need to be below $200. The iConnectivity MIDI4 is around 200 and the Mio4 is 150. The Kenton midi merge around 100 but not near as flexible. The Lab4music Sipario is around $350 but different with some overlap of features, but with a touchscreen.