Hello, do you realise how gamechanging this is?

I found MIDIhub today. I have been trying to come up with something like this for years!!!
When I found it I did a dance for joy… Do you all realise what’s possible with this? The world will change.


Thank you for the kind words! :slight_smile:

Gotta say, I had a similar double take moment when I checked out some of the features of this box the other day. It seems really powerful! I had kind of dismissed it as something I wouldn’t use when I first heard of it. Thought it would be some kind of basic midi splitter or something.


Hey oootini, nice to see you here. Far from being a typical MIDI splitter, the MidiHub is by far the best Midi tool I own, and I say that with the experience of owning more than 10 boxes that do MIDI utilities, from programmable ones, to MIDI remapping, to the original Mutable Instrument ones.

This is the best thing!


There’s definitely reminiscences towards the Logic “Environment” here, and it’s by far the most interesting midi gear I’ve come across in a very long time indeed!


Just got mine and man, I’m now able to play my Digitakt as a polyphonic sampler and my Volca Drum with keyboard. Man… those things alone makes this easily worth EVERY penny. And the build quality is really good as well. So happy with the purchase, it delivered exactly what I hope it would. Already feeling super inspired to make new tracks! Thanks!