Finally in control

Owning a Midihub for a few weeks now I just wanted to say that I finally have a feeling that I can get Midi in my setup under control. Great device!

Not that my setup is particulary complicated, just a couple of synths and a PC, but I am not an expert, rather a newbie and oftentimes it is not clear how devices are handling Midi data. Often it should work but it does not and here the Midihub comes in handy, allowing one to narrow down the issue and to incrementally construct a setup that works. I have one synth/sampler with a beta firmware where the Midi section is slightly buggy. Here it even helps to see the LEDs indicating that there is something happening on the Midi bus at all.

So for me the Midihub is a great device to sort out Midi in a small DAWess setup of little synths. And I have not yet tapped into the creative potential with patches for ghost notes and other generative things. It will become a toolbox to play Music with and not stay only a router utility.