Ladspa via command line

I am looking for a way to assemble chains of ladspa and/or lv2 plugins using the command line (from a script).

It is looking to me like I will have to use some thing like guitarx in headless mode.

There are a lot of ladspa hosts, and none I see are designed to primarily to be scriptable. Before I research each one, has anybody out here done this, and have advice for the best host?

GUIs are useless for me, too finicky. I do not mind using a GUI to calculate parameters, but I want to drive my instrument with scripts.

I don’t have experience with ladspa, but for this purpose, I’d look for a host that’d expose the plugin via Jack backend, then use jack_connect to set up the audio routings.

Yes, that is something I can do with GuitarX in headless mode.

What I a=looking for is a programme Z where if I know a LV2 plugin p that takes two control Ints (n, m) is in library L I can invoke
Z L p n m
and have it show up in jack so I can control my setup from a script.

There are a lot of hosts, and it will take time to read the documentation on them all and my suspicion is that it cannot be done with current software.