Device <-> Pd Identifying Midi Deprecating Jack Midi for Alsa

tl;dr What command line tools can list and edit Alsa Midi connections?

When I connect my midi controller to my computer I need to manually make the midi connection to Jack. But the mid-pipe names are names like midi_capture_34 and midi_playback_38 which are inscrutable.
Running this on my PI, headless, I am going to need to automate the process. So the names must be scrutable.
It looks as if Alsa midi uses sensible names that I can predict. I have been looking at the command line Alsa tools, and I am a bit lost.
What tool will list available connections? Like jack_lsp
What tool will set connections? Like jack_connect/jack_disconnect

In my personal experience, ALSA MIDI seems easier to manage, so I tend to use that wherever possible.

For ALSA, use aconnect and aconnectgui for graphical representation.

For Jack, I think you guessed it, jack_lsp and jack_connect /jack_disconnect. You may try patchage or qjackctl for graphical representation of the connections and devices. Try using jack_lsp -A, it should produce more usable names.