MODEP with Raspberry pi 4 and other things

Hi is the modep compatible with Pİ4 ?

and can we use the MOD Pugin builder for modep ? Because I want build a impulse response cabinet sim

Yes, use Patchbox OS and see Many extra plugins for MODEP

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I haven’t really seen to much information on what happens after those plugins are loaded.
I would like to turn the raspberry pi into a portable standalone amp.

I found


Is this a plugin that can take an arbitrary impulse response file?

Is it possible to load an amp vst (like in with


Then with just an audio jack and ordinary speakers, have it output the sound?

Most of the VSTs out there are built for desktop computers, so they won’t work on ARM based Raspberry Pi. If there was an ARM VST, some lv2-compatible host would be necessary, but I don’t have anything in particular to recommend.

We don’t have in-depth knowledge of each plugin, I’d recommend searching for the author’s website and look for documentation to find out the capabilities, or just give it a try and see. :slight_smile: