I swear I've done everything right... why doesn't this work?

Midihub 2021.02.05 16.49.36 (Preset 8) - Cycles+Chords+Looper.mhp (810 Bytes)

I’m trying to remap every key on my Elektron Model:Cycles to play nothing but specific black notes on the 16 note pad (the purpose is to trigger chords on a chord generator I have called Key Control by Artificial Noise) but even before it even hits the key control, when taking the signal straight from the usb out of midihub, it only triggers the last 4 of the pads… I legit do not know what is wrong, if those last 4 work, I feel like the rest should also as I set every lane up the same.

What have I done wrong?

Hi, I am far from the MH editor right now, but maybe:
16 pads - 4 pads working = 12 = octave.
There is setting in editor menu to change default lowest octave (edit: default middle C), because devices may differ in interpreting them (eg. the note C0 may be C1 for another device).
Maybe you should change the base octave or notes you have set to be in higher octave.
Just guessing…

But that last 4 pipes/pads work, and if the 5th pipe/pad from the end is a higher note than the 3 that come after it, I don’t understand how octaves would explain things.

Also, the first 5 pads are in that 4th octave, so if the octave were the problem, shouldn’t those 5 pads be working?

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Indeed your preset notes remaps look OK.
I don’t own any of the devices you use so I don’t know where the issue comes from.
Double check the notes you set on both sides of Midihub.
MIDI monitor may help you check what exactly you are sending or receiving (notes, channels).

Maybe its the “order of operations”

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Unless I’m misunderstanding how note remap works, I don’t think putting them all in the same pipeline would have the desired effect as wouldn’t the first remap convert my E4 to C#4 and then every other remap which follows would become useless because all notes besides that E4 will have been filtered out by the first note remap and not make it through to the next remap down the line?

I Also don’t think transpose would work because I’m trying to remap the pads to very specific notes values, not just do a general shifting of a scale. I’m essentially trying to do this with my remapping (And I know those zero’s can be an issue so I switched them to 1’s again just for testing purposes and still can’t make it work) but this is the end remapped goal:

It’s true, note remaps in the same row would simply end up dropping notes that are out of the range, so the original way is correct.

@cool_name123, could you let us know which note numbers in particular are working as expected and which are not?

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It’s the last 4, so I guess swapping out the 0’s for 1 in my test scenario that would mean these ones are working

Looks like Elektron uses ‘Middle C (60) - C5’ as their MIDI Middle C standard. Could you try switching to it using View->Note Value Display and updating the Note Remaps?

I think you’ve built the original preset with C4 as the Middle C.


That appears to have worked, thanks!..

What I still don’t get though it why the last 4 pads were the only 4 that worked… If it was just a question of scaling, shouldn’t my problems have started with the last 8 pads working beginning with where I had previously mapped C5 with the wrong middle C?

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Thanks to @WeirdHub for the octaves suggestion. :slight_smile:

As for why 4 of the pads worked, it depends on where the pads fall in the note range. If the pads octave/bank can be shifted left or right on the Model Cycles, probably you could find a position where the rest of the notes were. :slight_smile: