Bluetooth Pi Pure data public Sound installation

Hi everyone! I had a question regarding a project I am currently working on.

Essentially I want to try to build a way for random people to connect to the Pisound and control simple effects by downloading an app (could be the pisound app or could be a custom a made app). The input of the Pisound would be a set of contact mics and outputs, a set of speakers. I was wondering if this could be possible through the Pisound app or would I have to build an entirely new app. The Pisound Bluetooth is at times dodgy.

Not expecting someone to solve this completely (though that would be convenient!) but any idea on what options I have or which way to go would be helpful.

Below is a rough picture of what I am trying to achieve

Sorry for the loaded message. :slight_smile:

Make sure you have installed system updates (sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade), there was some bad libbluetooth version which was causing random disconnects. Alternatively, you may try building your system based on Raspberry Pi 3 and Raspbian Stretch version - it used to work very stable.

The Pisound App does work with multiple devices connected to the same server, and it even shows parameter changes being done by other users, even the MIDI notes played, but you’d have to make sure that it’s impossible to interfere with the currently running patch, like stopping or restarting it. This could probably be done by editing the scripts.

Alternatively, you could look into WiFi control methods, like TouchOSC.

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