Bluetooth speaker

Hi - just got my Pisound today and I’m very excited! Is it possible to connect a bluetooth speaker to the Pisound output?

Also, should I be able to work with PureData from the Patchbox OS desktop and hear the results through the Pisound output? I seem to be running into issues configuring the audio device.

Sorry for the beginner questions. If there are some really basic tutorials you could point me to even for the basic tools, I’d really appreciate it. Not completely new to computing, but new to these OSS audio music tools and having a rough start. Thanks!

Hey, just connect your speaker using stereo cable. Most likely your speaker uses 3.5mm stereo jack, so to connect the Pisound’s output, you’d have to use 6.35mm stereo adapter, if you have cable with 3.5mm jacks on both ends.

Yes, you should. Pure Data should be pre-configured by default to use the Jack audio backend, and on first run, you get to configure the audio settings. If there’s any issues, make sure that Pure Data is still using Jack, and you may rerun the configuration wizard by running patchbox wizard command in a terminal.

If still having issues, make sure the Jack backend itself is running successfully, use this command to see its status and some latest output messages:

sudo systemctl status jack
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