Bluetooth MIDI?


My pisound is on its way. Can’t wait. Will be especially fun once Sonic Pi 3 is officially released as part of Raspbian Stretch. But the HAT will be very useful before that.

Was wondering about Bluetooth MIDI. Haven’t really “done my homework” about it, yet. But it doesn’t sound like people have made it work on a Raspberry Pi. Could be very useful with pisound, sending MIDI to other devices (say, an iPad).
Has anyone investigated this? Is there any hope it could work?
Will check more on my own but pointers are always useful.



Well, this thread gives me some hope:
BLE MIDI GATT Service on Pi3 – Raspberry Pi Forums
Sounds like there’s still work left to make Bluetooth MIDI work well on Linux:
What is still left for MIDI over Bluetooth Low Energy on Linux
But it’s not a lost cause.



Hey, I don’t see any technical reasons preventing it, but I have no idea what’s the software state of it.

Which devices are you interested in connecting together?

Anyway, if the devices support WiFi, an interim solution could be to use some MIDI over WiFi software.



Reviving this topic which might be applicable to PatchboxOS

I found this acticle today while trying to get bluetooth midi working on one of my pi installs.

it seems that in the standard install BlueZ is NOT complied with the –enable-midi flag.

I’ve got the new version running, but I don’t have a BT midi device aside from my ipad/iphone and those dont seem to want to connect just yet. Still digging on that. :slight_smile: