List of Pure Data patches in Pure Data module

Hi, I’m trying to modify the list of puredata patches available in this “module” section of patchbox, in the puredata subsection. I guess it’s possible.
A lot of my patch are displayed but not some of them which I would like to select.

Other questions :
Sometimes, for some weird reasons, My PD patch doesn’t boot a startup.
It seems if just boot with the patch in console mode and play (without the graphical startx booted), it works perfectly,
but as soon as you type some stuff in the console* or do startx or going inside the console to restart jack for example, it leads Sometimes, randomly, to reset the preferences of the previously selected startup pure data patch.
Do you know why ?
I once choose modep a long time ago (an error) I aborted the installation.
Also I recently activated the wifi to detect my smartphone wifi connection (data sharing) and also activated the bluetooth. Does these parameters can affect something leading to this behaviour

  • The last time it happened, it was after my girlfriends mismatch her keyboard with mine, plugged on the pisound and it runs some console command by mistake (I think it was just some kind of “dir” command to show the last modified files or so. But didn’t seem to cause troubles aside from that.

Along with that, the Pisound App doesn’t work … the pisound’s bluetooth is detected by my huawei p30 pro, but the Pisound app won’t detect anything.

For PD patches to get listed, see the information here: The Pisound App - Pisound Documentation

It expects either a main.pd file to be in the patches location, or a valid file with extended info called blokas.yml, so it knows what to launch.

It shouldn’t change on its own, but we need more information on how to reproduce this issue, once you have some tangible steps, please create a new topic on the issue.

The Pi must be in discoverable mode while scanning for devices with the app, as it searches only for devices exporting a particular Bluetooth interface, this information is only shared by the Pi while it is in discoverable state.