Autostart / PD / Korg NanoKontrol Problem

I used to run my pd-patch under Raspbian. I use two Korg nano-controller to control the patch.
My patch was always autostarted from /etc/profile (don’t ask me why, but I googled and tried until it worked).

In that file I wrote the command

pd -alsamidi -midiindev 1 -midioutdev 1 /path/to/patch.pd & sleep 5
aconnect ‘nanoKONTROL:0’ ‘Pure Data:0’ sleep 5
aconnect ‘nanoKEY:0’ ‘Pure Data:0’ sleep 5
aconnect 'Pure Data:1 ‘nanoKONTROL:0’ &

Then I adjusted the audiosetting in PD, saved them there and was good to go. Every time I started the Rpi my patch started and I could just play with it.

Why doesn’t work that with Patchbox OS?
Or better question: How do I set up Patchbox OS so that it does exactly what I did with Raspbian (autostart + set midi + audiosetting)?

Any idea would be very welcome!

I solved this really easy problem myself. So, for anyone who doesn’t know anything about linux (like me) - here is the solution:
Just remove all the -alsa und -midi stuff and you are good to go! It looks like in Patchbox OS the midi is configured automatically.

I just wrote: pd /patch/to/patch.pd & (in /etc/profile) and now it works.