Autostart pd patch in Patchbox OS

I’m trying to launch a pd patch on startup in Patchbox in console mode, without Pisound
(I use HifiBerry dac for the moment).

I tried running a script that launches the pd patch from rc.local but nothing is happening.
The script works, because when I run the script manually, I can hear the patch working, but it is not launched automatically.

I also tried the puredata module from the patchbox menu, but nothing happens there either, but then I suppose it needs Pisound with the button.

What’s the right way to simply launch a patch on startup?


I’ve fixed some issues recently with patch starting through Pure Data module, see if there’s any updates, and if there was, try Pure Data module in patchbox again.

If there’s any issues, please post the log of patchbox-init.service, it can be accessed using this command:

sudo journalctl -u patchbox-init
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Great, puredata module works after an update, thank you very much!
I have another question:
How can I auto launch a patch from usb stick without pisound? (pi 4)

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An udev rule could be a good idea for that, you could make one to automatically search for the patch of an inserted USB storage device, and launch it. See the script, it contains the code for searching for a patch in USB storage, you could adapt it to your needs and make it to be executed every time a USB device is attached.

Nice, now I got something to work with, thanks again!