A single board computer for general midi / audio processing.

I like the hardware design of the MidiHub and would like to develop a custom MIDI processing application that runs on the MidiHub. This isn’t something that can be done cleanly using the MidiHub editor functionality. I’m thinking about doing this development using JUCE. Would it be possible to do this? What are the specifications of the MidiHub? What single board computer is being used? What is the processor speed? How much memory does it have? What OS is it running? It would be great if you could provide a device similar to the MidiHub that is based on a a SBC like the Khadas edge 2 or Raspberry Pi that has the Midi connectors plus the other IO present on these boards (HDMI, USB, Ethernet, WiFi, Audio). Thoughts?

Midihub does not provide any facilities for running custom code on it. For completely custom logic, there’s Midiboy which is compatible with Arduino IDE: https://blokas.io/midiboy/