MIDIhub Standalone MIDI Event Processor

Y’know what Blokas should build next? A standalone device. Focus it on MIDI event processing. Could be named, erm… “MIDIhub”, let’s say.
Oh, wait!

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Yup! An early version of it can be spotted in the Pisound video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4vxWxG3e1TY :smiley:

More info available here: https://blokas.io/midihub/

Any thoughts or ideas on things you’d like to see in such a device?


It’s a pity doesn’t have a usb midi host too :wink:

Software, cc mapping?


Agreed. That would have been my priority feature. We’re getting an increasingly number of USB-MIDI devices, so integrating those in a MIDI patchbay becomes a challenge.
Was also surprised that it didn’t get CV I/O. That could help bridge some worlds.
CC mapping is pretty much required and shouldn’t be hard to do. Right?

So that was the nondescript box on top of the MacBook? Never gave it any thought, when watching that video (and waiting my first pisound to materialize). Good to know it was part of your internal roadmap from the start. Gets me to wonder what you have in store.
(Also, hadn’t noticed that you were also the team behind PatchStorage. Had just thought the link was there as a way to lead people to patches you had created. Sounds more and more like the Blokas team has been keeping its cards close to its collective chest.)

Wow looks great. Kind of like a more well featured mutable instruments midipal.

Would be great to see a similar enclosure option for the pisound :wink: