Questions about the editor

I’d really wanted to know if the editor is open source… I’m thinking of porting the editor for the monome norns os(rpi based) so standalone editing would be possible. Is this feasible ?

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Hello, it’s not open source. We’re considering publishing a binary build for Raspberry Pi, but we’re not sure how many people would like to use it on a Raspberry Pi. Anyone who’d be interested, let us know. :slight_smile:


I’d really love to but a binary probably means a gui, which would be great but it gives no way to control the editor from the current norns gui. Perhaps a cli executable would be the solution here but I guess impossible to implement on a program like the midihub editor.

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Raspberry Pi build for the editor would be open interesting possibilities.

This is one piece of the puzzle I’ve been dreading - I’m trying to free my studio from general purpose computers, but the editor obviously needs one, and disconnecting all gear to take the hub for reprogramming in another room doesn’t really seem like an option at all. I do have a Zynthian on the studio table though, so if there was a Raspbian build there would be a way to run it.

OTOH what I’d really like is an Android version of the editor. We can dream, right? :slight_smile:

The non-GUI control was recently also touched in this thread: Documentation of Editor Protocol

Norns has a lot of similarities with zynthian. Imagine having a midihub editor on zynthian that you could launch like an engine and be controlled with buttons and pots from the zynthian . I’ve done something similar on norns for the arduino ide by using ide’s cli interface and was really easy.
I couldnt find any mention on non-GUI control on the thread you linked. If you have any more info please share :blush:

Thank you very much

Oh, the point of the other thread is essentially just that a way to reprogram the MH without the (GUI) editor is not currently there (or at least documented).

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