[Pipe Request] Open sourcing the pipe sdk

Hi there !

Do you think it could be possible to open source the pipe framework for developers to be able to build new pipes ? I think it could greatly improve the number of available pipes.

Hey! There’s not going to be an SDK for pipe development in the initial public release, but this is something we’ll consider for future updates.

+1 on this. Care to share some technical details about the current implementation (language, etc.)?

We still don’t plan at the moment to have an SDK for the pipes, but can’t say a definite ‘no’ either. :wink: It’s implemented in C++.

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+1 on this as well just to keep it in focus. Many more sophisticated tasks (if/then/else depending on past events and/or on a timer window etc.) cannot be achieved with the existing pipe elements.

Hi, Just wanted to post regarding this too.
I found out about midihub a while ago, and finally had the funds to order one today.

TBH I was a little surprised looking at the pipeline options as they seem pretty basic still, 2 years (ish?) after I first heard about the midihub project.

It definitely makes sense to open it up given that there’s not a rapid development of pipe options and it’s still a somewhat basic signal flow/processing set.

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+1. Would love to see what the community could add to this product. I haven’t wanted to code for a long time but can see the potential here.

This would be amazing. Was searching for a way to do it, but apparently you can’t. Yet!