Documentation of Editor Protocol


Hi Blokas,

Great release of great product! Thanks!

Will the editor protocol (SysEx I presume) be documented?
Does the device respond to these messages on other ports then USB 5?


PS I’m one of the ‘super early bird’ customers



Hey! Thank you!

The communication is currently in SysEx, the 5th reserved USB port is used entirely for the communication, the other 4 ports are used only for musical data.

We will be looking at using COM / CDC instead for communication, this way the programming MIDI port won’t appear in audio software, resulting in smoother user experience.

We don’t plan to document the protocol we use, as it would require additional maintenance and support, we’d rather focus on making the editor as good as it can be. :slight_smile:



Hi @Giedrius,

Thanks for your reply.

Because of so many possible gear setups, I’m into automating (scripting) a lot of it, and Midihub could play a crucial role in that. I was hoping for a public SysEx description, like the iConnectMIDI4+ (which is indeed controlled by SysEx).

Would another solution, to allow automatically generated setups, be a possibility for Midihub in the future?

The file format of Midihub seems binary, a text based file format would also be really helpful.

I hope my urge for something that can be generated by software other than the accompanying editor comes across.


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I just started playing with the editor before considering buying the Midihub.
As @Joris I’m considering automation and an open protocol through sysex would be very convenient.
I understand your point about the potential confusion of having that additional control midi port.
But maybe it is a tiny problem regarding the great potential for automation or any future use cases ?
For sure there is that support issue…
Anyway, I just wanted to “+1” the interest for an open protocol :wink: