Under Voltage warning message: best power supply?


I’m running MODEP on a PI4 Audio injector stereo (3.3 V)
Right now, mi PI is powered via USB and
i get a “low voltage warning” message from the destop.

So i’m wondering how many Volt/a i’d need to power MODEP
correctly (as you can guess, my knoweldge in electricity is very low).

I had the same message on my Pi and it was because the power supply I bought was not “official”. I find this frustrating among companies that sell the Pi4 as a kit along with a power supply. You really should use the official power supply to ensure your Pi has enough power:

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Some other power supplies work as well, as long as they’re providing enough current, and aren’t too noisy. :slight_smile: But yes, the Raspberry Pi’s supplies seem to work quite well.

It seems that the required power for PI4 is 4a (instead of 3a for PI3).
So yes, i’ve bought a new power supply.