Pisound very low crippled sound

All of a sudden, my Pisound ceased to output sound properly after about one week after reception. It outputs now just a very faint crippled sound. I can just recognize it (the orac module beat).
I fear that an amplifier level or something alike died.
There is nothing special in dmesg and the Pi (3B+) does not complain about my power supply. I did not change anything in the software (patchbox).
Any idea?

Just in case, what is the specs of the power supply being used? Is input impacted?

Does the same issue occur if you change the device connected to the output? (like trying headphones instead of speakers)

It is not an original Pi power supply but as I had it working correctly, I did not thought about it at first but as you asked I measured again the voltage. I suspect the supply somehow degraded. I read about 4.95V in input. I should definitely find an official 5.1V supply to try.
Is the Pisound more sensible than the Pi itself to voltage variations? I know that the Pi has a warning circuit for undervoltage detection.

Yes, good quality power supply is important for noise free audio. :slight_smile:

Good news. I found an adjustable DC-DC converter (MP1584) and buck down from a 12V supply (since I still don’t have an official power supply). I adjusted it to 5.5V without load and everything runs perfectly. I measure around 5.1V on the GPIO pins, so I guess it is a good tuning.

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