Transform does not work after update 1.13.1

I had a Transform Pipe that transformed Notes to CC73 (to change the key of my NDLR) and one on CC74 (to change the scale of my NDLR) and they don´t work anymore.
On the midi monitor I see only note values outgoing :roll_eyes:

Hey, could you attach your preset file or send it to us at

thx Giedrius. I think I can work it out: Transform Pipe is really a mighty tool in this version, it was tricky before but now there is really a lot to learn and pay attention.

It should be backwards compatible - the previous Transform pipe version should be silently upgraded to the new version, and should match the behavior. If it didn’t, then I’d like to take a look, it could be a bug. :slight_smile:

I screwed it up in every direction, no idea how it was before. I will call you up if I can find a bug, at the time I am very happy about the progress this little box does

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