Transform multiple Midi CCs in one pipe

Being able to have a list of cc transforms in one pipe would be a handy feature. Access to midi channel and the cc.
ie. CC’s 1-4 come in on midi channel 5
Ccs 51,52,54 63 output on midi 14.
This can currently only be done easily via multiple pipes n


Hey, Ry
hadn’t seen this Feature request when i wrote this

I was assuming that the inputs/outputs would be spec’d for multi-channel.
Are you asking specifically for “all inputs on 1 given channel” and “all inputs on 1 given channel”?
(that would allow 4 transforms max under current constraints)

Incidentally, what would be your answer if Blokas asked “why not use 4 Transforms?”

The 4 cc’s were just for illustration.
It will be upwards of 16 cc’s total.
I don’t have a problem with using 16 transforms. Just making sure my ignorance didn’t have me going on a circuitous route.
I might also dust off the event processor. As I get older I just strive to minimize setup size—probably my hesitance with the 16 transforms :expressionless:

Again thanks for the input.


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This is a bit late of course but for basic multiplication of a CC into many, you could economize it by using a harmonizer.

First you would transform your specific CC into a note, then harmonize, then transform those notes to CCs. It’s not one pipe, but it’s also not 16 pipes.

You don’t have the level of control for every single CC that you would for 16 transform pipes but if you needed to only target specific pipes you could add a rescale or transform pipe afterwards.