1.11.4 Transform

I must be an idiot but the transform in 1.11.4 is beyond me :crazy_face: it dont seems as you can convert velocity anymore? and the context help is like way confusing:
“Argument 2 The number to use, in case it’s selected by Data Source parameter”
…say wha? or…
“The name of this parameter depends on the Into parameter. It may be set to use the values from Argument 1 or Argument 2 parameters, or to use a value from the message being transformed, depending on the What parameter.” :exploding_head:

Anyway I just want to transform velocity into a cc as I could do prior to 1.11.4

Rest assured you still can :wink:

… a little experiment, give it a try…
In the name of future flexibility, it gets some used too.

example shows velocity > to MIDI CC3


These things are difficult to explain in a concise text (looks like we missed updating the ‘Data Source’ reference to ‘Value Byte n’. Also, let us know if you can word the Transform pipe documentation better).

Once you get the hang of it, it should be pretty straightforward. :slight_smile:

If you place a Transform pipe, it is by default pre-configured as Note Velocity to CC #3 converter. The only thing you may want to change from the default config is the ‘Mode’ to Replace, in case you don’t want the Note message to be let through.

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Hi giedrius thanks for the reply I will try that asap thought I already have but I suppose I haven’t thanks :+1:

-------- Oprindelig besked --------

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Hi Jose

Thanks for your reply, I will try wnat you surgest as soon as I get home from work thanks :slightly_smiling_face: