The Button unresponsive when pd gets busy

Hi, I’ve finally had time to get my pisound up and running.
I have a pd patch on a usb key, it loads up as expected with the button.

Once it’s up and running though, the button is unresponsive. I can’t reload or close pd, and I can’t shutdown the pi.
In addition, the audio gets choppy, and I can no longer connect via ssh, unless I already had an active session.

I guess i’m pushing the processing power of the pi?

I’ll obviously have to troubleshoot the choppy audio and inability to connect via ssh,
but first of all, I want to be able to turn off the pi with the button even when pd is busy.
as it is, I have to unplug the power without a proper shutdown. So far I’ve been lucky, but I’m afraid eventually I’ll corrupt the sd card or do some other damage.

I added
‘echo performance > /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu1/cpufreq/scaling_governor’
into the file in an attempt to getting it to run better, and it doesn’t seem to have helped.

Any other ideas for keeping the button responsive? (or for fixing choppy audio?)

Hi, if the whole system runs out of computing resources, then the button will become unresponsive too. Same would happen with USB keyboards and other input devices…

If you have a running ssh session while the system slows down, I’d recommend checking top for seeing the processes that use the most CPU, also check the kernel log using dmesg for any errors.

Im having just a problem shutting down MODEP, but all the other Button functions work. How can I verify this?

So you hold the button down for 5 seconds and the OS does not shut down?

You may check the button logs by doing sudo journactl -u pisound-btn, hit ‘end’ key on your keyboard to go to the latest log lines.

Hey so here is the Log after pushing the button for long time, thanks!

Looks like you kept it held down for 12 seconds. Instead, hold it down for 5-7 seconds to shutdown. (count the LED blinks). Holding it for longer allows you to ‘cancel’ an unintentional shutdown. :slight_smile:

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Ah damn, now I counted 5 blinks, I didnt get the blinks where for that, anyway, worked after that :smiley: thanks, sry for this

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