Pure Data no sound when starting from Pisound button, Poti Noises and Midi issues

Good day,

due to not recognized Midi Input Signal from Usb at my RPi I now start my Patch from clicking the button on my Pisound. This fixed the Midi Problem but another problem occured that I had problems with before. The sound of my patch is gone. Or very veryyyy quiet.

Now i rebooted and when I am trying to push the button once the PiSound just blinks for a few minutes and does nothing.
Also the right Poti makes crazy noises while turning… I observed that issue before on another RPi with Pisound.

I am using a RPi 4B.

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

Hi, what is ‘right poti’? Do you mean the output volume potentiometer? It may become noisy if the board was dropped on it, or some tiny particles entered the shaft. Was it this way from the very start?

The button launches Pure Data in background mode in case the script can’t find any active X11 display to use. It’s really difficult to know what sort of setup is being used from scripts (like whether you have HDMI hooked up, or whether you’re connected through VNC, or there’s no desktop at all). Having a Terminal window open on the desktop you’re currently using helps the script know which display to use.

Do other PD patches or other audio software produce proper volume levels?

Are you using Raspberry Pi OS or Patchbox OS? In case it’s Raspberry Pi OS, you’re probably using ALSA backend which only permits software exclusive access to audio, so in order to have PD produce output, you must close all the other audio software first. If using Patchbox OS, then Jack backend is used which allows sharing audio hardwarer between multiple programs.

Hallo Giedrius,

thanks for your answer.

Yes i mean the output volume poti. What do you mean by dropped on it? I have the PiSound since 10 days and it just started yesterday to make these noises. It’s inside a Case.

Unfortunately i can’t check again about the volume levels of other patches when using the button, because the button is just blinking now every second after i clicked it…

I am using Raspberry Pi OS with ALSA, and theres no other audio-using program running (as far as i know). But good to know about this fact. Also I am using VNC.

The button has many scriptable actions: https://blokas.io/pisound/docs/the-button/
You may also run pisound-config to remap the actions.

If it is blinking in 1 second intervals, it means you have enabled the Bluetooth Discoverability, so the Raspberry Pi is visible to other Bluetooth devices for pairing. By default, this state lasts for 3 minutes. Other button interactions can be performed while the device is in this state.

I’d recommend using Patchbox OS, as it has some of these common inconveniences already taken care of, like sharing audio between programs, as well as making MIDI connections between USB MIDI devices and software automatically.