Using button without pisound


Hello, I am using patchbox os which is great. What I am trying to do is to somehow use the button finctionality.
I found out it is hooked to gpio17 so I did the same with my custom button, but now the thing is pisound-btn seems not starting.
When run I get: “Reading Pisound serial failed, did the kernel module load successfully?” any ideas?

Thanks in advance.

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Hey, we’ll add a --no-pisound switch to pisound-btn, so it runs anyway, some time next week. :slight_smile:

You have to hook up the button to GPIO17 and the other end of the button switch to GND.



Thanks for your reply. I’ll also try to get to understand how those processes work so I can create my own.
Currently I run a small python program to handle encoder and matrix keyboard via pigpio. Thanks for your support, what you do is really great and stable environment for experiments. Attached the pic of my Jukiffizer I did so my wife can sing through the vocoder.

Regards from sunny Poland.



is it possible to change the gpio to fit with a button on my tft screen. if so where should i look.




Just in case I found it there:

line 39.



I have just made pisound-btn to run even if Pisound is not detected (no config changes necessary), and added a --gpio N command line argument to specify which GPIO pin to use. It will also take care of ‘exporting’ the GPIO pin, if necessary. (Changing BUTTON_PIN would not have been enough, as Pisound’s kernel driver was taking care of exporting the pin)

This is available since pisound-btn version 1.10, you should be able to get it using:

sudo apt update
sudo apt install pisound-btn


Thank you! I’ll test it up and report back.