Recording vocals using an interface with Pi Zero w


I’ve recently moved from a OSX system to Linux with the pi zero.
To record, I would typically use my interface which has phantom power for a condenser mic. This is powered by usb on my MacBook.
Is the pi zero with Pisound just as capable in achieving this( is the RPI 3 perhaps more capable)? Can a power my interface with the pi through the USB port and have Pisound process the audio?

Hey, Pisound does not provide phantom power, so some external phantom power supply would be needed before connecting your microphone to Pisound. If using condenser electret microphone, Pisound can power that after closing bias voltage jumpers using soldering iron. (

Raspberry Pi 3 has higher performance, but Pi Zero W should be usable as well, if you already have it, just see if it’s enough for you. :slight_smile:

i would be using an audio interface (which has the phantom power) via usb into the pi. and then im expecting that pisound can just be used to record the audio through?

What is the audio interface model?

Yes, Pisound can be used to record line level signals provided to its input.

its a roland edirol.
Ah, i couldn’t have the audio input via the USB interface and just use pisound as a sound card that allows that to happen smoothly ?

to utilise pisound i have to use its input do i?

You would have to connect Edirol outputs to Pisound 6.35mm stereo input.

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