Connect Roland Interface to RPI


I have a usb interface that I run a condenser mic through to record vocals. Typically in ableton im used to just plugging on the interface and I can select on an option saying audio input device.

Can someone tell me how to do this on a Linux system that runs on RPI3?

im running this code:

  1. ecasound -c -f:16,2,44100
    -a:1 -i monitor-track.wav -o alsa \
    -a:2 -i alsa -o new-track.wav

im running this code but ecasound says Unable to connect: No inputs in the current chain set up?

Many thanks,


Hi, most likely you have to clarify the exact audio device to use, probably using -i alsahw,2,0 instead of -i alsa argument. See arecord -l to figure out which value instead of 2,0 to use for the audio device you want.

where do i run arecord -1 in the terminal, will that tell me what to use?

It’s not -1, it’s -l (first letter for ‘list’). It will list all the input audio interfaces that your system sees, then you can figure out which number ID to use.

Thank you! I’ve got something working with:

ecasound -B:nonrt -c -f:16,2,44100

              -n:VocalTest \

              -a:1 -i alsahw,1,0 -o alsa

I can here myself smoothly but theres too much of a delay. if I run:

ecasound -c -f:16,2,44100

              -n:VocalTest \

              -a:1 -i alsahw,1,0 -o alsa

I get a warning saying warning: ALSA recording underrun, some audio samples were lost! Break was at least 1731774209.63.

And a lot of audio artifacts

what else can I try?