A Lo-Fi Music Album on Raspberry Pi 3 B+ w/Pisound

Hi all,

I am looking at recording a classic hip-hop album using my Raspberry Pi 3 B+ and Pisound (which I have yet to order), and would like to get some feedback from the community. I would like to use minimal equipment for this project (only that which is necessary to get the job done), and in addition to the Pi and Pisound, I will most likely have to use a audio midi interface for phantom powering my mic.

The scope of this project will focus on recording Vocals only, directly to the Raspberry Pi (using audacity), and exporting the vocals (after mixing) to a desktop computer for further processing (additional mixing and mastering). I know this doesn’t sound like anything fancy, but the purpose of this project is to record a hip-hop album (10 tracks), with the help of a raspberry pi just for the sole principle.

Does anyone have any suggestions or opinions on how to make this project more successful and effective? Thank you.

Best regards.


Do you also want to make the beats on the Rpi?

Or just the recording of the voices, mixing etc?

I am trying to build an sp 303 style sampler in pure data, which I run on my rpi. That might be interesting for you too…

I imagine that you want to use the Rpi to have a small-footprint solution to record vocals, don’t you? Keep in mind that you’ll still need a display, keyboard and mouse/touchpad, so the footprint might be bigger than you expect it to be. You might be better off with buying a small digital recorder (eg. Zoom h1).
Or would you prepare the beats beforehand so you have something to rap on?
If you already have the backing track, I found Ardour to be much better to work with than Audacity. But of course YMMV. If you have a chance try your imagined workflow out on the desktop and see if it really works as you imagine.