Pisound and Hifiberry at the same time?

First question:
I haven’t bought a Pisound or Hifiberry yet but I would like to know if they can be used at the same time on the same Raspberry Pi (Pi 4 8gb). Looking at the pin-out diagrams I see overlap with pin 12. I am building a small music production computer so the MIDI and 1/4" stereo in and out of the Pisound are indispensable. The Hifiberry would be a nice addition because of the RCA and headphone outputs, but it isn’t absolutely necessary.
Second question:
Is it possible to use multiple Pisounds together on the same Raspberry Pi? To be able to chain them together and have multiple 1/4" inputs and outputs would be quite awesome.

I am open to running multiple Raspberry Pis to accomplish the Pisound + Hifiberry task if necessary, although I am unsure how to do that either. I do have a first gen model B that I am not using, maybe it could help bridge the Pisound and Hifiberry or two Pisounds together.

Hi, the sound cards can’t be stacked. The Jack audio backend has some audio over network functionality which might enable combining two or more Raspberry Pi’s with their own soundcards into a common system, but I haven’t ever tried that in practice, so can’t say how well it would work.

Thanks Giedrius - that is basically what I expected. I am going to go ahead with the basic Pi 4 & Pisound setup for now. Once the basic setup is complete I can experiment with a second Pi over network or I2S (IIS). Anything I find in the future about chaining multiple sound cards I will post here.


You could hook up as many USB sound cards as you want, but PCIe and IIS are not existing om Raspi.
But as long as those do not run on a single synced clock, jack is the wrong choice. you would need some alsa:plughw samplerateconverter between the hardware and jack, and that has some awful sound - There are better sample rate converters though, like Zita from Fons Adransen.
Get one USB soundcard that fulfills your needs for 200Eur sounds so much easier.