Output to other USB audio interface


So, I have a Roland MC101 which can sample via USB. It appears as a Generic USB audio interface. On my Mac, I can create an aggregate USB audio device and route audio coming from my audio interface input, into the MC101 USB audio output.

I was wondering how I can achieve the same with the PiSound. I guess it is possible to do this with Jack but I can’t figure it out.

The signal chain would be Guitar → PiSound Audio Input → MC101 USB Audio Output


Hi, you should look into using multiple audio cards with Jack backend: How can I use multiple soundcards with JACK? | JACK Audio Connection Kit

See also my post here: How to use alsa loopback Device with jack audio backend? - #3 by Giedrius

And this may be helpful too: Problem adding additional USB Interfaces with jack_load (looks like the adapter works, but has issue in MOD-UI)

Alternatively, you could skip Jack and use arecord and aplay to pipe the audio stream through, this would work well if you don’t intend to do any effect processing. See my comment here: [Solved] No audio input going to output - #8 by Giedrius

The command I’ve shown records everything to a file and loops back to the Pisound’s output - you should be able to modify the aplay part to instead send audio through the USB card.