Redirect pisound audio to rpi 4-pole jack

Hi! I’m wondering if it would be possible to redirect the pisound audio output to the rpi 4-pole output to use it with headphones.

I thought about doing that as well as the output of the PiSound isn’t suitable to drive headphones. I just bought a headphone amplifier and use that to practice with headphones. I think it would be possible to redirect the audio output but you’d have to switch that every time you wanted to change the output.

I’m interested in having both outputs running in parallel.

@redcloud then that’s a different matter. :smiley: It might be possible to configure Jack to output to both the PiSound and the Pi’s headphone jack. I would think @Giedrius would need to weigh in on if that’s possible.

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Anyway the Pi’s jack is a 4 pole composite one, it has also video signal.

I plug in my headphones directly - sounds great. I also wire to it my HiFi using the same stero output.

Directly into 4 pole jack?

No the Pisound output.
Why would one want to reroute it to something a tad “ersatz?”

Because I want to use main output for an active speaker and the 4 pole out for in-ear monitoring. In this case an external mixer wouldn’t be needed.

Instead oif trying to do things internally with code, which I can do, I always opt for the simplest and usually the best way out by doing an analog route. Stereo splitter on line out.

Plug one end into a headphone amp.

Or mess around for a long time.

A simple on/off option would be awesome though!