Puredata, Pisound and RPi audio (3.55 jack)

Would there be a penalty if we also output sound to the native Raspi audio soundcard?

The setup would be to process live audio in puredata. The microphone plugged to the Pisound and Pisound output played in the room speaker. I would like to have puredata also output to the rPi audio (headphones) for checking the sound before letting it go to the main speakers.

I wondered if there are more risk of xruns or performance glitches when using both soundcards from puredata?

I think you could do that using an alsa_out Jack client, to send the output you generate to another output via ALSA.

In this case, I’d expect pretty much the same performance on Pisound output, the ALSA output might have some additional delay compare to Jack’s main output.