Modep-mod-ui service failing

I’m a beginner with pisound and I have been following the setup documentation. However, I’m stuck here trying to get MODEP to work. I can’t get the UI to show up at and found that the mod-ui service is failing.

I checked jack, modep-mod-host and they seem to be working fine. (using the instructions on Troubleshooting page). I ran sudo journalctl --unit modep-mod-ui and I found the following error in the journal.

modep-mod-ui.service: Changing to the requested working directory failed: No such file or directory

modep-mod-ui.service: Failed at step CHDIR spwaning /usr/bin/authbind: No such file or directory

Any suggestions on how to solve this? Thanks.

Hi, it sounds like the installation failed, or authbind gone missing. Try running:

sudo apt install modep

If that doesn’t resolve the issue, try:

sudo apt install authbind
sudo reboot                            # <-- this will restart your system.