Map Toggle to specific CC range?

Hi all,

Is it possible to map the bypass toggle in a pipe to incoming CCs that are limited in range to 1 and 2 instead of the required 0 and 127? Everything is via USB, so I was hoping there might be a way without using the physical loopback trick and instead using rescale with USB and virtual pipes, but I think it’s not working because the MIDI mapping is pre Midihub processing. Is that correct?


yep, until a firmware upgrade delivers scaleable mappings, I’m afraid, it needs a loopback (or a 2nd Midihub!)

“physical loopback” also includes USB-USB though. I typically use that via a MIDI patchbay rather than cables.

Thanks! I solved this a different way, but just to be clear the loopback can be created without additional cables over USB? So, does it then require a PC running a DAW or MIDI patchbay as you described?

I solved this a different way

good – always best to avoid a loopback if you can!

…over USB? So, does it then require a PC running a DAW or MIDI patchbay

Mac/PC/Raspberry Pi.
I’ve only used 1st, but intend to investigate rPi using aconnect and relatives.

On Mac, I don’t bother with DAW for connecting bits of hardware with Midihub; I like the separation.
On Mac, I use free MIDI Patchbay app which does just that and very simply.
Plus you can save a “patching” to re-use when you come back to a project.

I imagine there’s something similar on Windows. (Giedrius will know!)

One big advantage of using USB via a Patchbay app is of course you can route a bunch of devices into the same port if nec.
(Even the port you’re using for a loopback if you’re strict with your filters.)

PS, John, if I may pick your brains, do you think it’s worth having some sort of how-to/tutorial on either loopbacks of patching via a computer?

MIDI-OX or your DAW :slight_smile: