Control Chain - MODEP


Does anyone knows if it is possible to use MODEP with any control chain device from MOD?
As I’ve seen it’s possible to create your own devices with this shield for Arduino which seems interesting for a footswitch or to change pedals’ parameters.
This would be an interesting accessory to MODEP, for instance:
Let’s see if this is something compatible with Raspberry and MODEP.



Most likely this Arduino shield won’t work with Raspberry Pi - the devices seem to be powered via ‘Power over Ethernet’, Raspberry Pi requires an additional HAT for that, or you’d have to come up with some solution to power it up.

It also looks like the Control Chain library can work as a USB COM serial device, these devices could work. We have not tested this functionality in MODEP, so we can’t say whether it’s all set up already, or whether some updates and config changes are necessary in MODEP.



ok @Giedrius! Powering the device won’t be difficult without using POE as Arduino can be powered in many different ways (I guess that would work).
I will do some research with MODEP first and will post if I come with any good conclusion about the whole thing. Thanks!

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