Screen like MOD DUO

Hola, I love the MODEP project, and I’m looking for a way to make a multiFxs controlled by an Korg Nanokontrol. I wish I could have a screen where I can know that preset is loaded and that parameters I’m playing as mod duo has is this possible? Thanks

bumping this thread because i’m curious about this as well. i am not using pisound, i’m using a usb audio interface, so none of the gpio pins are being used on my rpi.

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This would be interesting to follow up

Hey Corion, there is another project based on MODEP that have a screen and is open source GitHub - TreeFallSound/pi-stomp: pi-stomp is a DIY high definition, multi-effects stompbox platform for guitar, bass and keyboards

Another useful info are the Python handlers available from the web server

There is also OSC integration, so in theory you could read info from MODEP on an OSC controller