Best way to get running information from MODEP

First thank you all for your job.

I would like to make a display screen showing some information such as pedalboard name, fx pedal name, fx pedal state (ON/OFF) and I dont know where to start.
Along with a MIDI controller with CC messages, this will be used for playing live without the need of a dedicated screen to see the pedals on the pedalboard.

Is there any sort of command line through either ssh or web browser that I can retrieve the current state of the used pedals so I can use this information?

I managed to find command that gives me all plugins I have installed, but no more than this. is my RPi4 local address

Thank you in advance and any light on this will be thankful so I can carry out my research.

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Take a look at all the webserver endpoints and the assigned Python handlers to see what information is available for you to query and possibly even control externally:

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