USB setup advice needed

Here’s my current setup:

Rasperry Pi with Pisound & Patchbox OS connected to my Arturia Microbrute, Minibrute 2, and my Midihub.

One issue I have is that I need to connect my Arturia stuff to my PC if I want to change my settings on them. I tried messing with usbip but it was pretty clunky and requires you to bind/unbind things every time you want to switch over.

Are there any good solutions out there?

Do you intend to use Arturia MIDI Control center?

Yes. As far as I can tell, it’s the only way to change a lot of stuff on the Minibrute 2.

Is it working via MIDI protocol? Maybe some solution with MIDI over network could work. I think you could get some MIDI ports created on Raspberry Pi side, hooked up for communicating with Arturia devices, and the equivalent ports on the PC side. If MIDI Control Center allows picking which ports to use, you’d pick the networked ones. If it doesn’t allow picking the ports, this might not work though.

Unfortunately no, it uses USB protocols.

Fortunately I think most of the Microbrute parameters can be changed over MIDI, unfortunately I think the Minibrute 2 is exclusively over USB.

Hmm, I’m not aware of any other solutions that could work in this case… Maybe USBIP could be scripted somehow to make it ‘smoother’, but I haven’t used it myself yet.