USB Midi Host with Pisound?

Are there any good HowTos on how to setup the PiSound as a Midi Host?

I can’t seem to find any good resources.


Use aconnect (or aconnectgui), amidiauto or amidminder to set up the MIDI data forwarding as necessary.

  • aconnect / aconnectgui allow you to manually set up the virtual MIDI connections.
  • amidiauto can be configured to make the connections when the devices are hot-plugged or the system is booted up, it also connects all hardware MIDI ports to all software MIDI ports (can be disabled), but hardware to hardware connections must be manually configured.
  • amidiminder is similar to amidiauto, but doesn’t do automatic hw & sw connections, however, it remembers the connections made with aconnect and does them automatically on boot and hot-plugging of devices. It also works well with devices that have more than 1 in and 1 out port.

There should be a couple of topics in this forum that could get you going.

I use pisound exactly as @Giedrius explains above. I have midi coming in to the dins, aconnect passes those notes over to a korg sq1 who can receive midi over USB.

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