Midi to usb on the pisound possible?

Can I use the PiSound as a simple usb midi converter? I mostly want to connect my Midi device to my computer trough the usb port. I know the USB hub is the perfect interface for that, but I assume I probably can do something simple like that with the PiSound?

Sure, you can use aconnect (or aconnectgui offers a graphical interface) to forward MIDI data between the Pisound’s DIN-5 MIDI ports and USB MIDI devices. You may also look into amidiminder in this community forum, you may set it up to make the MIDI forwarding connections automatically as soon as the OS boots or USB devices get attached.

But what I’ve come to realized is that I can’t do:

midi device → midi port pi sound → usb → computer USB → midi software

But I can do

midi device → midi port pi sound → usb → external device

As the USB port from the raspberry pi can’t be used as a device port (not sure I’m using the right word here). Am I all wrong about this?

No, Raspberry Pi can’t be used for providing MIDI data to a computer connected to its micro USB (or USB C) connectors, as they’re used solely for power.

Maybe there’s ways how you could get MIDI data forwarded over local network to your PC, but I haven’t ever done that. Look into ‘rtpmidi’.

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Raspberry Pi 4 can be used as a usb gadget over the usb c port. It takes some configuration and I never tried it with a pisound or with patchbox, so no guarantees :upside_down_face:. But I have in the past connected a keyboard to the pi (on the pi’s usb a port), processed some midi, and sent that on to the computer connected to the usb c port. In such a configuration the pi appears as a midi device (or multiple midi devices if you configure it that way) on the host computer.

The best place to start is probably a search for “raspberry pi 4 g_midi”
Also check the documentation here
and here