Trying to get ahead of the curve

So I’ve ordered a Pisound and a Pi 4B 8g ram (maybe already my first mistake??) in hopes of making a sweet little multi fx processer to go with my “portable” set up (currently an OP-1 and friends mixed through a TC helicon Blender)

In an ideal world I’ll get to control it all with a Midi Fighter Twister but in doing some research I have some questions:

Will I be able to run the unit off a USB battery pack? If so, it looks like I may run into issues getting the MDT enough power via bus? (Maybe a powered USB hub?)

How hard is it going to be to get the LEDs on then MFT to read and display the values corresponding to what they’re assigned to in MODEP?

This is all an experiment for me, I have extremely limited coding knowledge, but I am good at following complex instructions. Thanks in advance for any tips and advice you might have.

It’s possible, but we’d still recommend a dedicated micro USB power plug. :slight_smile:

I think you’d have to modify the MOD source code to achieve that, or parse its state files (or maybe query via web API or add such APIs if missing) and read the values via LV2 APIs to get them sent to the device. Probably not very straightforward. :slight_smile:

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Thanks! That simplifies things: no lights. :laughing: Will the endless encoders still work to be assigned to parameters?

I have other options for midi controllers that might be easier, an old launchpad mini for example. Or

I did have the foresight to pick up the dedicated pi power supply. Thanks!

I ran into a similar issue with my project (

As mentioned by Giedrius, I slightly hacked the Mod code by adding a “get” function that my hardware can use to query Mod (via “rest” API) for plugin settings.

You can see what I did here (host.diff and webserver.diff):

Pretty sure though, your MIDI controller will be able to send MIDI CC messages that you can “Midi learn” in Mod even if the controller can’t query the application for its current value.


Okay, that’s good enough for me! Maybe some day I’ll dig deep on it, but for now if I can turn the knobs and make stuff happen that will be enough. Thanks so much. My pisound came today, so now i’m just waiting on the pi itself.

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