Internet not required?


I am a complete newbie to Rpi audio-based builds so im hoping someone can give me a few tips on how to set up what ive got so far and what i need to download to get it all working.

I want to make my own portable multi fx setup using Modep to use with my hardware synths and drum machines (no instruments like guitars- only electronic devices), and be able to control modep fx parameters using a midi controller in realtime without an internet connection.

Here is my kit list:
. Rpi 3B / 4 ( i have both, so which ever is best for this project) using a mouse & keyboard
. Focusrite 2i2 audio interface
. Akai MidiMix controller or Novation SL49 mkii

Heres some questions that i need advice about;

  1. Once I setup, download and install Modep onto my Rpi and its all fully working, am i able to use Modep without an internet connection? For example, can i create my own new fx/midi templates without an internet connection, and can i use/control my templates on my Rpi without an internet connection? (using a midi controller to adjust parameters)

  2. Can i set all this up without Pisound? Im hoping to use my focusrite 2i2 as my soundcard.

  3. Do i need patchbox OS to set this up or will what i hqve be sufficient enough?

The only experince i have with Rpi is using Raspberrypi OS for a few hours and downloading SunVox, wwhich i was able to control with a usb midi controller.

I apolgise if these questions have already been answered on this forum, but ive been looking for a few days and still cant quite find the answers im looking for.

Any help or pointers would be awesome!

Thanks for your time,


@Synthvarious welcome to the Blokas community!

To hopefully answer your questions:

  1. Yes, you can use MODEP without an internet connection once you’ve downloaded the plugins you want to use. You can also connect to MODEP without an internet connection using the hot spot on the Pi. That being said, I’m not sure if that works if you’re using an OS other than patchbox. You’ll need to enable the hotspot, connect to that hot spot with another device and browse to the MODEP interface. And yes, you can assign parameters to a midi cc generated by your midi device.
  2. You should be able to use any audio device that is recognized by Linux. You’ll need to configure Jack to use that device.
  3. This question could be the most challenging. If you want an easy and seamless experience I would highly recommend using patchbox os. It’s prebuilt to work with MODEP out of the box and all the documentation available on this site will reference patchbox. You can of course try another OS but if there are issues it will be much harder to resolve. My suggestion (and this is what I did) is to just buy another sd card and use that for MODEP.

Thank you Jtemple967 for replying back so quilckly,

This is great to hear, i will take all of what you have said on board and when i get time this week i will start this project and let you know how it all goes :slight_smile:

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Sup there, I’ve been trying to make something similiar (but in my case it will also be used with guitars) and I think I will use focusrite 2i2 too. Can you please reply how big will be delay?

@ValentinSvidrigaylov not sure how this question is related to the conversation? Did you perhaps intend to post this on another topic?

No, I forgot to mention @Synthvarious. Should I move this question to another topic?