MODEP beginner questions

Dear Pisound community,

I just received my Pisound card, and was able to install MODEP without problems. A big thanks to everyone involved. Nevertheless, I have a few beginner questions.

  1. Does the MODEP image really need its own WIFI network for some good reason, or can it simply be reconfigured to connect to my home network? It’s a bit of a hazzle to change networks, simply to edit pedalboards.

  2. It looks like MOD doesn’t yet allow to “MIDI learn” parameter lists (like, for example, the scale list of MIDI Enforce Scale plugin). However, MOD DUO does allow to control those lists using its hardware knobs - which Pisound doesn’t have. Any ideas how I could still switch list parameters using MIDI CC?

  3. An issue others had before me: My MIDI controller (Korg NanoKontrol 2) sends CC “off” messages on button release. This messes up the logic of plugins such as SooperLooper, which interprete those as two triggers for, let’s say, Undo. So “Undo” and “Redo” will always be triggered twice. What would be the easiest way to fix this behaviour on a Pisound/Modep setup, without introducing a dedicated hardware MIDI filter in the MIDI chain?

Thank you very much!

It’s set up to turn on by default on boot, so you wouldn’t really need an internet connection to start using it. Also, if the internet cable is plugged in, you can access the internet via the MODEP hotspot.

You are free to reconfigure the WiFi as you see fit, then you’d have to access MODEP using the IP that gets assigned to the device instead of the

Not sure what can be done about this, apart from someone implementing the feature to control the lists via CC. There could have been some underlying reason why it’s not done…

Based on the manual of nanoKONTROL2, looks like you have the buttons set up in ‘momentary’ mode. What you want instead is to have ‘toggle’ mode, and possibly set On Value and Off Value to the same value, so it always produces the same message every time you click it.

Wouldn’t it be possible for MODEP to emulate the MOD DUO hardware knobs? In my eyes, that would solve the issue. Either by allowing to add the knobs to Raspi (for example by I2C rotary encoders), or - better yet - using MIDI for emulating MOD DUO’s hardware knobs.

I switched from momentary to toggle mode for the Play/Pause button, and it works great. I hadn’t considered using that for Undo/Redo, because those are really momentary functions. But you are right, it would defer the OFF message, and solve the issue. In this case, the nanoKontrol2 backlit LED of Undo/Redo button (which signals “on” state for toggle buttons) would be distracting, but I might be able to mitigate this by switching nanoKontrol’s LED to “external MIDI” control and implementing a logic for the Play/Pause LED (without which I would have to guess the plugin state)